3D Global Wealth Management

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  • Founded Date June 1, 1997
  • Sectors Finance
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Company Description

3D Global Wealth Management, based in Cyprus, is a comprehensive financial services and wealth management advisory firm. Founded in 1997, the company has established itself as a key player in the financial sector, particularly noted for its client-centric approach. It emphasizes tailored financial solutions rather than promoting in-house products, ensuring recommendations suit individual client needs.

The firm operates under rigorous standards with a robust investment committee that oversees fund manager and fund selection, crucial for maintaining and growing client investments. This commitment extends across various services including insurance, investment advice, and retirement planning, all aimed at facilitating long-term financial goals and risk management for their clients.

In recent years, 3D Global has undergone significant changes including a management buyout in 2022, where Mark Nowell, a long-time member since 2005, stepped up as the CEO. The firm manages over €130 million in assets and caters to an international clientele across 50 countries, predominantly within the EU.

With headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus, 3D Global leverages its strategic location to passport services across Europe, underscoring its expansive reach and capability to adapt to complex geopolitical and economic landscapes. The company’s leadership and adaptability in navigating various global crises and market shifts underline its resilience and dedication to providing premier financial guidance and services.