Video Interviews: How to make the short list !

The use of technology has simplified our working life and made a lot of things possible, like for instance hiring from anywhere in the world in a cost effective manner. More and more firms gradually shift towards video interviewing, at least in order to identify their short-listed candidates.

The video interview is your ticket to make the short list and earn a one-to-one meeting with your potential employer. We know how interviews can be stressful, this is why we want to share with you a few tips to help you make the short list:

  1. Respect your interviewer’s time

Remember: You are invited to a video interview because of time effectiveness, because your interviewer wants to be time efficient and practical in identifying the right candidate. Therefore, respect your interviewer’s time. Make sure your connection works, you have the number correctly, the camera is on, and everything is set before the interview begins.

  1. Be brief but not hasty

On the same note, use this limited time to your benefit. Be brief and concise on your answers or descriptions, but at the same time do not sound hasty or impulsive. That is why it is important to prepare.

  1. Do your homework

This will enable you to use the time with your interviewer by answering the questions rather than thinking them through. Study the firm, know the details of the position and make sure you know who the interviewer will be. This will help you prepare and anticipate the questions.

Consider the possible questions you may be asked and write a few notes. Make a list of the most essential points you absolutely need to mention, those qualities that you would want the interviewer to remember you for and find a way to incorporate them into the answers you give for relevant questions. Think about what makes you stand out of the cohort and make sure your interviewer knows before your interview ends.

  1. Dress Code

The same dress code applies for live and video interviews. You need to make a good impression, therefore, look up the firm and ensure you have clear view about what the appropriate dress code is. You can look through the website, for instance if you are being interviewed by a law firm and they all appear in suits on the website, then you know this is how you will be expected to look like on an interview. Remember that the interviewer is trying to envision you in the position you are being interviewed for – so make sure you reinforce that vision.

  1. Bridge the gap

You may be miles away from your interviewer and you may not have the luxury of a firm handshake, but you can definitely transmit a warm feeling through the camera and enable the interviewer to get to know the real you. Smile, be pleasant, be you and act as if you are in the same room with the interviewer. You have a limited time to show what you want them to see. Use this time wisely, establish a connection!

  1. Interview surroundings

You have the benefit of being in your own surroundings. No surprises, no intimidating large conference tables, or difficulty in finding the place of interview. Use this to your benefit. Create your settings so that they are appropriate for the occasion. Remember that your interviewer has the skill to notice everything. If you have something on your wall which you would not want to be an introductory reflection of yourself, then remove it. Prefer a white background, choose a quiet place and adjust the lighting accordingly.

  1. Body Language

Never underestimate the power of physical behavior – it is the most powerful way to express and convey information – much more powerful than actual words. Therefore, mind your body posture, your expressions and the use of space. Project yourself in exactly the same way you would do if it was a face to face interview. Look into the camera and maintain eye contact.

  1. Take a moment of silence
    Just before you start, take a moment of absolute silence – a moment of absolute quietness where you isolate you thoughts to recollect, to find your inner calmness and focus. This will help you appear confident, collected and engaged during the interview.

Good Luck. We are sure you will do great!


CX Team